Rondò Veneziano €20/ €25 (extra cicchetti)

Prawns “in saor” with onions, hard polenta with creamed cod, marinated anchovies, seafood salad (cuttlefish, octopus, celery, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, potatoes, parsley and orange oil), fish croquette and steamed Cannocchia Shrimp

ALLERGENS: Nuts, Fish, Milk, Shellfish, Soya, Shellfish, Gluten, Celery, Eggs


Anima Lattina €16

Cantabrian anchovies served in their can accompanied by fresh grated tomato, Normandy butter curls and warm bread

ALLERGENS: Milk, Fish, Gluten


Bombe di Mare €12•3 pieces/ €15•4 pieces

Fish croquettes, crustaceans and fried shellfish served with black garlic and lime mayonnaise

ALLERGENS: Milk, Shellfish, Fish, Soybeans, Crustaceans, Gluten, Celery, Eggs

Battuta di manzo veneto €20

Beef from Veneto knife beaten, seasoned with EVO oil, salt flakes and black pepper, served with hot bread and Normandy butter curls

ALLERGENS:  Gluten, Milk



Tartare di manzo veneto €20

Beef from Veneto knife beaten seasoned with EVO oil, salt flakes, black pepper, tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, Cantabrian anchovies, gherkins, capers, chives, ketchup, mustard beans, egg yolk, served with hot bread and Normandy butter curls

ALLERGENS: Gluten, Milk, Eggs, Fish, Sesame seeds, Soy, Mustard



Pepite dei Colli Euganei €12•3 pieces/ €14•4 pieces

Homemade Veneto ham croquettes served with garlic mayonnaise and parsley

ALLERGENS: Gluten, Eggs, Milk, Soy ,Celery

Tavolozza Vegana €17,50

Caponata Siciliana, chickpea humus, selection of vegetables in cooking oil, crispy pinzimonio with orange vinaigrette, grilled vegetables and toasted dried fruit

ALLERGENS: Peanuts, Nuts, Sesame seeds, Soybeans, Gluten, Celery



Companatico 12€/15€ WITH ADDED CREAM OF beetroot AND LENTILS

Toasted hot bread served with chickpea and lemon hummus, colorful cherry tomato sauce and parmesan and saffron fondue

ALLERGENS: Milk, Sesame seeds, Soy Gluten, Celery

Griccia & Bottarga €16/ €20with Scallops

Sauteed fish with homemade butter whipped with sea urchins and lemon peel, sprinkled with mullet egg “bottarga”

ALLERGENS: Milk, Molluscs, Fish, Crustaceans, Gluten, Celery, Eggs



Cacio e Cappe €16/ €19with added bottarga

Raviols stuffed with pecorino cheese and black pepper sauteed with ragout of Adriatic capes

ALLERGENS: Eggs, Milk, Gluten, Fish, Celery, Shellfish



CarboMare €16/ €19abundant

Morelli spaghetti with mussels’ cream, Adriatic mackerel marinated in black pepper bread crumble

ALLERGENS: Shellfish, Fish, Soy, Gluten, Celery, Eggs



AmaRtriciana €16/ €19abundant

Bucatini Morelli with spicy coloured tomatoes sauce, parsley and crispy eel cubes in triple cooking

ALLERGENS: Gluten, Fish, Shellfish, Shellfish, Celery

Pasta Pasticciata dell’Anguriara €15

Pastas with béchamel sauce and saffron and fish sauce, shellfish and crabs

ALLERGENS: Shellfish, crabs, Milk, Fish, Gluten, Celery



Giganti al Salmone €15

Fresh pasta tortelloni with cuttlefish ink filled with salmon and ricotta, sautéed with butter and sage and served with grilled scallops and orange peel

ALLERGENS: Milk, Fish, Soy, Gluten, Celery, Eggs



Guazzetto di mare €15

Squid, cuttlefish, prawns, kingfish, mussels and clams cooked in “vaso cooking” , with  smoked fish and tomatoes served with croutons of hot bread

ALLERGENS: Fish, Gluten, Shellfish, Shellfish, Celery

Bigoli all’anara €14

Fresh homemade bigoli with ragout of knife cut duck meat

ALLERGENS: Gluten, Eggs, Celery



Pasticcio Emilia €12

Egg puff pastry, bolognese sauce, béchamel sauce and grana padano

ALLERGENS: Milk, Eggs, Gluten, Celery



Garganelli alla Bolognese €12/ €15 abundant

Garganelli of fresh pasta with Bolognese ragout with mixed meat cooked slowly

ALLERGENS: Gluten, Celery, Eggs



Pasta & Fasoi €14

Lamon bean cream flavored with garlic and rosemary, served with homemade fresh egg pasta, crispy Veneto ham and bread croutons

ALLERGENS: Gluten, Eggs, Celery

Veganara €15/ €17 abundant

Morelli red lentil pasta sautéed with cream of local tubers, burnt onion powder and pepper “Crusco di Senise IGP”

ALLERGENS:  Sesame seeds, Soybeans, Gluten, Celery




Crema di Radici locali €14


Carrots, Jerusalem artichokes and browned potatoes, cooked slowly, blended and served with colored turnip chips


 Soybean, Celery

Firtto mistico €18/ €19WITH BLACK GARLIC AND LIME SAUCE // €22 with salad

Squid, shrimps,sardines, cepola fish and lettuce accompanied by julienne seasonal vegetables fried in sunflower oil

ALLERGENS: Shellfish, Fish, Soybeans, Gluten, Celery, Eggs



Fritto Mistico Senza lisca 20€/ €21 WITH BLACK GARLIC AND LIME SAUCE // €24 with salad

Squid, shrimp accompanied by julienne seasonal vegetables fried in sunflower oil

ALLERGENS: Gluten, Shellfish, Fish, Soybeans, Celery, Eggs



 Gambero in panure €15/ €16 with red turnip and mint sauce

Shrimp skewers in garlic and parsley panure served with baked potatoes

ALLERGENS:  Milk, Fish, Shellfish, Gluten, Celery, Eggs



Ombrina €20

Adriatic navel slice on savory eggnog accompanied by fresh spinach and fried vegetables

ALLERGENS: Milk, Fish, Celery, Eggs

 Tagliata di Bufalina del Delta €20/ €23 With parmesan fondue and Saffron

Grilled Delta del Po water buffalo Tagliata served with baked potatoes

ALLERGENS: Gluten, Milk



Costata di Manzo €28

Venetian Beef ribs of about 550 grams grilled with Maldon salt and rosemary flakes



Straeca alla griglia  €20/ €22 with chimichurri sauce

Grilled beef diaphragm served with vegetables in cooking oil

ALLERGENS: Gluten, Milk

Pulled Pork Burger €15/ €18 with three homemade sauces

Pork cooked at low temperature, frayed by hand and served in a soft bun with coleslaw (blue and purple cabbage) in American style and French fries

ALLERGENS: Milk, Sesame seeds, Soy, Gluten, Mustard, Eggs



Toast Vegetariano €12/ €15 Tris di salse della casa  sauces Pane with cereals and black olive paté with chickpea hummus, coloured carrots, edamer and zucchini accompanied by French fries

ALLERGENS: Gluten, Nuts, Milk and lactose, Sesame seeds



Cestino di pane della casa €2,50

ALLERGENS: Gluten, Soy, Mustard, Lupins

Insalata mista €4 Piccola/ €10 Grande

Salad, coloured cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, carrots and dried fruit

ALLERGENS: Peanuts, Nuts and nuts



Insalata sulla Panca  €13

Valerian and spinach, colorful cherry tomatoes, toasted pumpkin seeds, fresh pear cubes, red fruits and strawberry dressing with tiled goat cheese

ALLERGENS: Milk, Peanuts, Fruit shells, or Soybeans



Insalata Caesar con Pollo  €13

Roman salad, parmesan flakes, colorful cherry tomatoes, bread croutons, CBT chicken, boiled egg and our Caesar sauce

ALLERGENS: Milk, Soy, Gluten, Eggs



Insalata Caesar con Mazzancolle €15

Roman salad, parmesan flakes, colorful cherry tomatoes, bread croutons, steamed shrimps, boiled egg and our Caesar sauce

ALLERGENS: Milk, Eggs, Soy, Gluten, Fish

Baked Potatoes €5

ALLERGENS: Milk and lactose



French fries €5

ALLERGENS: Gluten Eggs



Grilled vegetables €5




Vegetables in oil cooking €6

ALLERGENS: Milk, Soy, Celery

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